Saturday, February 5, 2011

Picture What Will Be - So Limitless and Free

This has been an amazing ride. Writing this blog has not only been a great source of relief for those transitioning times that were especially challenging – unbeknownst to me, other people actually read it too! And so I made some friends here, forged some relationships I have come to value as we bolstered one another through some stormy seas, told one another how freaking adorable and hot we are, teased and tickled, and otherwise bonded in this strange interwebbed vitreous cyberland.  I made a couple videos and got published in Bear Bergman and Kate Bornstein’s ground-breaking anthology “Gender Outlaws – The Next Generation.” It has been deep and silly and fun and heartbreaking, this tour-de-trans.

Now, with the help of my mentor and Papa, J. Megel of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Performance Studies department, I am writing a show. I’ll let you know how it goes – or – you can see it next year when you come visit me in NC! I hope it beams back the love I’ve been given, from you and from the Great Blue Horned Salted Octopus that made me. The salted part is actually taken from all this chocolate I’ve been eating, with sea-salt and cayenne. Because that’s how I ROLL.

Anyhoo, I may come back to this space in a week, or this project may have ended. We’ll see! Meantime, much love from me, the kittens, any deep sea creatures lolling about, and D. 

Namaste Beloved Friend!

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